English webinar “The EU-MERCI Project – Introduction to the European Industrial Energy Efficiency good Practices platform (EIEEP)”

The webinar was recorded on the 30th January 2018 by The Carbon Trust and disseminated shortly after to create a follow-up to the EU-MERCI conference.

The recorded webinar first addresses the general aims and objectives of the EU MERCI project to provide a brief introduction to the viewer. The EU-MERCI Partners are introduced as well the Federations represented by SPES. Next, the webinar briefly introduces the main goals of the project and one of the key outputs of the project: the EIEEP platform.

The main sources of the EIEEP database are summarised and the process of harmonising the different sources described. A brief demonstration is then given of the “Database” section of the platform.

The webinar recording then highlights the process of identifying and selecting ‘Good Practices’ from the EU MERCI database and the difference to ‘Best Practices’, which were selected from the literature. A demonstration is given of the ‘Library’ section of the platform to show where the viewers can find the ‘Good and Best practice’ sheets, as well as the sectoral factsheets, the country analysis and the sector analysis. Finally, a demonstration is given of the ‘Survey’ section of the platform to highlight the results of the EU-MERCI survey that can be accessed via the portal.

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