WEBINAR A Proceedings: energy efficiency policies and schemes for Industry

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Energy efficiency has been a critical target within the EU, as is proven with the Directive “Energy Efficiency” (2012/27/EU-EED).

Under Art.7, the Member States (MS) are obliged to introduce mandatory Energy Emission Obligation Schemes in order to achieve fixed energy savings. However, there are different approaches adopted by the MSs aiming to fulfill their efficiency obligations and overcome the barriers.

Specifically on the industry sector important barriers concern technical aspects, since usually the energy efficiency actions are complex and difficult to project and implement.

In order to gain the maximum of the experience achieved by the MS which have dealt with the above mentioned barriers, the EU MERCI project invites stakeholders from States with less experience in the sector to participate in this Webinar.

The aim of the Webinar was to inform on current EU schemes and regulations concerning energy efficiency policies for industry.

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Energy efficiency policies and schemes for IndustryEfi Mavrou, CRES

EU policies for energy efficiency in industryDario Di Santo, FIRE

Overall analysis of implementation (EU28) Pros & cons of adopted schemes and mechanismsErwin Hofman, JIN

Examples of implementation from EU-MERCI Data Sets:

EU-MERCI EU survey and report from questionnairesEfi Mavrou, CRES