Poland National Workshop

The National EU-MERCI Workshop in Poland was organized at conference centre in Warsaw, Foksal 3/5 on 5th and 6th of October 2017.
The meeting was attended by over 66 stakeholders, such as representatives of Ministry of Energy, energy efficiency experts, industrial representatives and energy managers.
The EU-MERCI Project was presented to the stakeholders group describing the main results and presenting the online tools, providing also practical view of how to use the platform and database. Also the preliminary results of the WP5 were presented.

The financial support possibilities for the energy projects in Poland were presented describing their main aspects. The ESCO models and other ways of effective support to the companies were presented. Before the workshops the EIEEP platform was presented providing a practical view of how to use it and showing the exemplary Good Practices providing also the local context, showing how the White Certificate Mechanism in Poland could support such projects. The workshops were organized in two main groups which topics were: heat management good practices and industrial processes good practices.


Projekt EU-MERCI, Michał Bar – KAPE S.A.

Przykłady dobrych praktyk EU-MERCI, Arkadiusz Węglarz, Wojciech Stańczyk, Paweł Śnitko – KAPE S.A

Platforma bazy przedsięwzięć służących poprawie efektywności energetycznej w przemyśle, Paweł Śnitko – KAPE S.A.

Scenariusze i rekomendacje wypracowane w ramach projektu EU-MERCI, Wojciech Stańczyk – KAPE S.A.

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