Italian National Webinar. The EIEEP Platform – European Industrial Energy Efficiency Good Practices Platform. An opportunity for industry

On 25 October 2017 FIRE and RSE presented in Italy the EIEEP platform – European Industrial Energy Efficiency Good Practices platform created under the EU-MERCI project.

EIEEP provides a comprehensive database of “Good” and “Best” Practices in the field of energy efficiency in the industrial sector, collected throughout Europe.

During the webinar, RSE and FIRE presented the “Good Practices” collected on the EIEEP platform – explaining the selection process and the analyses performed to support their description – and they gave a demonstration on how to use the platform.

Download the proceeding in italian below:

Il progetto EU-MERCI: obiettivi e primi risultati, Simone Maggiore – RSE

Un’opportunità per rendere l’industria più competitiva, Dario Di Santo – FIRE

EIEEP European Industrial Energy Efficiency Good Practice Platform, Anna Realini – RSE, Francesco Mori – FIRE

Watch the webinar registration on the Youtube channel of EU-MERCI: